pride and prejudices
september - december 2008

programme of participative art focused onto prejudgment problems
and radicalization the life manners of the young people in serbia.

group of selected teenagers from ten city schools participated in thematic laboratory, overbearing encounters and workshops based on drama and psychodrama approach. after the workshops, participants had conceived and made their own actions and initiatives about the prejudices and cruel manners which were formed throughout creative voice. in the end of programme, the artistic projects from the new established inter-schools network were presented to the peers, parents and teachers, opening the space for sharing and public debate about rigid cognitive models and dominance of traditional stereotypes. the main target was analyzing and re-creation life manners of generation which grew up in clime of violent social changes, as well as qualifying young people in order to take an active
culture and social part in their own environment.

author: irena ristic

partners: center for culture „stari grad“
support: youth city comitee of belgrade

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