theatre within the context... and not just theatre
international symposium of 16th bitef poliphony

23-25 september 2015
@institute for cultural development research (zaprokul)
rige of fere 4, belgrade, serbia

"theatre within the context... and not just theatre" is the international symposium, which took place from 23rd until 25th september 2015. in belgrade, as part of the 16th bitef polyphony.
the symposium was dedicated to analysis, contextualization and critical interpretation of contemporary theories and performing practices, as well as understanding of principles, mechanisms and value system uniting different forms of their implementation. the intention was to acquire and exchange views about multitude of the contemporary theatrical theories, methods and techniques, directed to social changes and community culture development. thirty experts in scientific or cultural fields were invited and took part in the six dialogue sessions in the course of three days. interludes between sessions were also held and included workshops and presentation of works that aimed at raising new questions about
the disciplinary boundaries of contemporary cultural practices.

programme committee:

prof. milena dragićević šešic, phd (faculty of dramatic arts, belgrade, serbia)
assoc. prof. ana marjanović-shane, phd (chestnut college pennsylvania, usa)
assoc. prof. silvija jestrovic, phd (university of warwick, uk)
assoc. prof. janko ljumović, ma (fdu cetinje, montenegro)
ass. prof. irena ristić, phd / committee president (hop.la! & faculty of dramatic arts)
ass. prof. michal babiak, phd (university of komenski bratislava, slovakia)
ljubica beljanski-ristić, drama pedagogue (founder of cedeum and bitef poliphony)
boris čakširan, director, choreographer and costume designer (ergstatus, belgrade)
ass. prof. vlatko ilić, ph.d. (faculty of dramatic arts, belgrade, serbia)
vladimir krušić, phd (hcdo, croatia)

coordinators: andjelka nikolic & sandra stojanovic (hop.la! belgrade)

the official languages were serbian, croatian and english. no registration fees were required. the symposium was organized by hop.la! in cooperation with cedeum, centre for drama in arts and education, belgrade, faculty of dramatic arts, and unesco chair in cultural policy and management university of arts in belgrade, and with the support from the ministry of culture and information of the republic of serbia.

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the symposium was a departure point and an incentive for further deliberation of performativity and its social roles, resulting in papers gathered within the thematic publication theatre within the context... and not just theatre
edited by: irena ristic & vlatko ilic >>

contributors: sean aita, paul murray, marko pejovic, aleksandra jelic, tasos angelopoulos, lazar jovanov, janko ljumovic, bojana škorc, aleksandra stojanovic, dragana kruzic, ljubica beljanski ristic, vlatko ilic i irena ristic

fragments from reviews:
"...extremely important initiative, which deserves the attention of the academic and professional community." silvija jestrović, phd (university of warwick, great britain)

"the experts from serbia, montenegro, great britain, greece, and croatia have
approached the topic from their unique perspectives, putting forward relevant issues about contextualization of contemporary theatre practices. they looked into correlation between performing arts and context; the role of art in the context, as well as the role
of context in art." michal babiak, phd (komenski university of bratislava, slovakia)

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