a b o u t   u s

hop.la! has founded in 2005 in belgrade. it owes its cheerful name to
dark drama of ernst toller "hopla, we're alive".

the main areas of hop.la! activity are contextual practices and art research, mostly in the scope of visual and perfomative disciplines. since 2007, hop.la! has been an active member and collaborator of the european off-network (eon), second stage and independent cultural scene of serbia. all works are realized through collaboration with institutions of culture and civil society organizations at home and abroad - in domain of art production, as well as in social interventions focused at cultural, aesthetical and ideological matrices.


opening a new autonomous space that enables the development of independent art practice in region, and creating a community of equal end expanded opportunities


conducting of experimental and research projects in the domain of contemporary art

changes of cultural and social matrices via diverse artistic actions and programmes of participative art

stimulation of critical and scientific approach to the contemporary art through transdisciplinary research and new educational and/or exchange initiatives

encounter of artists and experts of different profiles whose approach can contribute to the development of contemporary art practices re-creation of existing and creation of new cultural links on local, regional and international level, by establishing a network with organizations of similar profile and complementary goals

affirmation of dialogue, as well as the principles of humanity, equity and creativiity, crucial for development community of expanded opportunities.


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