about violence

theatre project after “titus andronicus”
by william shakespeare

premiere: 4th of october 2008 in national theatre kikinda
1st of november 2008 in belgrade drama theatre

"about violence" is a theater performance inspired by the play “titus andronicus” by
william shakespeare. it explores the phenomenon of violence in its various aspects and forms, especially those that are hidden and less visible. researching this problem in the context of the modern world, we are mostly interested in the purpose of violence, and the ways it becomes a tool for mass manipulation, camouflage of the holes in the system and general power control. the ways of provoking, coordinating and using the violence are numerous and sometimes very subtle. this well established practice operates with psychology of the modern man: aggression and need to revenge, but also sensibility
and identification with victims, and, above all, wide-spread curiosity about spectacular crimes. on the other hand, it counts on his social and political conditions: divisions
based on criteria of nationality, race, sex, and social status, which keep our society
in the position of constant fragile peace between citizens with full rights and
so-called “outsiders”. shakespeare’s original play, which is well known by
very obvious brutality, is a perfect starting point for this theatrical
expedition “under the surface of violence”.

adapted and directed by: andjelka nikolic
consultant: bosko milin
dramaturg: milos latinovic
costumes: dejan dosljak
space: jovana obradovic
lector: dejan sredojevic
mask: dragan jeremi

saturnijus: branislav knezevic
basijan: nikola joksimovic
titus andronicus: dragan ostojic
marko andronicus: marko gvero
mucijejordan: bursas
lucije: filip jungic 
alarbus: zeljko tomin
hiron: miljan davidovic
aron: djordje brankovic
tamora:marija opsenica
lavinia:mina stojkovic
man in uniforme: slavoljub matic
woman in uniforme: gordana roscic

production: hop.la! and national theatre kikinda

support: culture city comitee of belgrade and
belgrade drama theatre

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