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theatre within the context... and not just theatre

editors: irena ristic i vlatko ilic
hop.la! & instuture for theatre, film, radio and television
faculty of drama arts belgrade (2016)

“theatre within the context… and not just theatre” is a name that does not belong to this edition alone. the international symposium that took place from 23rd until 25th september 2015 in belgrade, as a part of 16th bitef polyphony, was also named thus. the symposium was dedicated to analysis, contextualization and critical interpretations of contemporary theories and performing practices, as well as understanding principles, mechanisms and value system that are merging different forms of their implementation. the intention was to acquire and exchange views about multitude of the contemporary theatrical theories, methods and techniques, directed to social changes and community culture development. thirty experts in scientific or cultural fields were invited and took part in the six dialogue sessions in the course of three days. interludes between sessions were also held and included workshops and presentation of works that aimed at raising new questions about the disciplinary boundaries of contemporary cultural practices. the symposium was a departure point and an incentive for further deliberation of performativity and its social roles, resulting in papers gathered within this publication. >>

generation z

irena ristic
hop.la! (2011)

"generation z" is study derived from empirical research that was organized during spring 2011. with students from local high schools. key questions are: what do young people like,
wish and looking for in 2011 in belgrade? what are their experiences with programs outside the curriculum? what attracts them most? what they lack? main research goals were to examine preferences of different artistic disciplines and other programs that can affect the development of creativity and exceptional achievements of young people. in addition,
we examined what are their previous experiences with artistic and cultural programmes,
and to what extent their preferences are influenced by the factors such
as the school profile, age, sex, location and prior experience
(available only in serbian).

award: "star of belgrade" for the best youth policy project in 2011

beginning and the end of creative process

irena ristic
hop.la! (2010)

"beginning and the end of creative process" is an interdisciplinary study dedicated to the experience of artists during the creation of new art form. with reference to the earlier insights and theoretical models of the creative process, the study includes the results of new researches, carried out over the period 2008-2010. in serbia, with group of writers, actors, musicians and visual artists. the focus is on developmental trends that artists recognize in the creative situation and on phenomenon of spontaneity, which in different ways may affect the creative process, and also the perception of the aesthetic outcome.

study includes results of all researches conducted within the project "process_k" supported by culture city comitee belgrade. demand for e-version or hard copy of monograph should be sent to hopla@hop-la.org (available only in serbian).

theatre in times of war

sabine kock, irena ristic, sean aita & dorinde hulton
hop.la! & igft (2009)

"theatre in times of war" is document of the conference of european off network "a third space" that took place in brunnen:passage/vienna, in august 2009. it gathers more than fifty artists, and theatre experts, from different parts of europe and the middle east. the articles, reports, and commentaries contained within this edition represent the reflections and responses of artists, and theorists, to this meeting. in her introductory article,
sabine kock (austria) gives us a brief history of eon network, and reflects on its origins.
she also discuses previous meetings in st. polten and brescia, and contextualizes the thematic framework for the conference in vienna.  this is followed by a short cultural provocation by sean aita (uk) and a personal reflection by lena stefenson (sweden) on
her subjective experiences at the conference. there are also selected articles by jeton neziraj (kosovo umnik) on the subject of an interactive theatre project dedicated to
missing persons in kosovo, and another from lisa jacobson (israel) on the experiences
of "arma" theatre company in times of major social and political turbulence. additionally there is dorinda hulton's (uk) article reflecting upon her own practice exploring performance aesthetics which interpret and reflect the experiences of those living within “zones of conflict”.  in an analysis of the problem of critical and artistic distance, irena ristic (serbia) provides a retrospective view of the debate concerning various aesthetic approaches to the subject of war, and petar todorov (bulgaria) reminds us about another kind of war, the war for free creative space, fought by independents artists for decades. in final article, ilkay sevgi (turkey) explores the potential, and role, of artists in the times of war, and
announces another important topic for our future consideration.
the sense of empathy.

click here to download e-version of the book (available only in english)


hop.la! (20

"autopsy" is the soundtrack of the performance which premiered in 2005 at the museum of contemporary art in celgrade. first musical release of hop.la! and third album of ah.ahilej. a grotesque sound of new wave cabaret. by decostructing classical pop forms, they easily slide through multicoloured musical gardens: jazz-noir, mutant-disco, pantomima-obscura, dark-calypso, death-shlager, avant-pop etc. >>

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