the game of questions
irena ristic

research project of bitef poliphony 2011

"palace of questions must be rebuilt. petrified standard images of questions should
be relived with fresh breath, and hearing senses renewed. imagination must not be imprisoned. causal relationships must exist. out of all our coincidences, necessities are to be drawn again" peter handke, 1989

"the game of question" is a research project aiming at analysing the questions offered
and initiated by bitef polyphony this year. after each event within bitef polyphony, questions
of young viewers and participants will be collected, both thematic, reflecting the event itself, and new (sometimes completely personal!), through which the curiosity of the young becomes a trigger for a debate, and their expectations dictate future festival tasks. questions
that are followed and collected will become the materials that directly communicate the reactions to the contents offered, and indirectly report needs and expectations of young audiences, particularly psychological needs that are not always visible, and are difficult to detect since they belong to the dynamic part of the image created in social interaction,
in this occasion stimulated through ‘polyphonic’ contents. after the festival, all the questions collected will be processed through standard techniques of qualitative analysis, and results will be used for creating new ‘polyphonic’ events and projects.

answers are not the necessity. questions are what we look for
and monitor.

author and project coordinator: irena ristic
associates: virdzinia djekovic, milena kalicanin, ljubica beljanski ristic

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