generation z
what do young people like, wish and looking for in 2011 in belgrade?

how much are they interested in various artistic disciplines? what are their experiences with programs outside the curriculum? what attracts them most? what they lack? whether their generational profile is fully determined by the influx of new technology, or are
preferences largely influenced by the local, or even micro context?
how do they spent free time, and how do they see 'a good time'?

"generation z" is a research project which was developed in collaboration with students and experts from eleven high schools in belgrade. main research goals were to examine preferences of different artistic disciplines and other programs that can affect the development of creativity and exceptional achievements of young people. in addition
we examined what are their previous experiences with artistic and cultural programs,
and to what extent their preferences are conditioned by the factors such as the school
profile, age, sex, location and prior experience.

presentation and public talk:
thursday, 30th of june 2011. in 1 p.m.
in cultural centre "steamer"

author & moderator: irena ristic

research team:
andjelka nikolic
dr bojana skorc
aleksandra tasic

award: "star of belgrade" for the best youth policy project in 2011

support: youth city comitee of belgrade

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