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january 2014
a public inquire
careful observation

a kind of public inquire, with performance and the debate was carried out on 17 january 2014 beginning at 20 am in the cultural center rex, within the project "careful observation".
the concept of independence in the context of various forms of state control was tested by analyzing contracts and legislatives, with reference to the implicit aspects (auto) censorship and corruption in contemporary artistic practices... >>

august 2013
new hop.la! blog

hop.la! is inviting you to take part in the "careful observation" - an interdisciplinary project on position of non-institutional cultural operators and artists in belgrade, and their relation to the government bodies. for the beginning, the example of the contract that hop.la! signed with the culture city committee has been exposed at the blog  pazljivoposmatranje.wordpress.com. you can read the contract carefully,and write your comments, remarks and suggestions. we will collect all contributions and prepare the analysis with demands, in order to open social dialogue with representatives of culture city commettee. you can stay anonimous if you prefer.

october 2012
hop.la! premiere
just an ordinary cinema: unpaired

hop.la! is happy to announce belgrade premiere of a new crossmedia project of irena ristic "just an ordinary cinema: unpaired" performed by the-one with 99 of us-you them, in 11th of october 2012. at 8 p.m. in cultural centre rex... >>

september - november 2012
programme of participative art
the site

hop.la! launched a new programme of participative art addressing the treatment of urban public spaces by young people. during the programme participants from seven high schools were engaged in serie of workshops and artistic actions in different forms, such as processions, performances, installations, spatial interventions, etc - all that in order to establish live communication with their fellow citizens and breathe life into their neighbourhoods. programme was promoted as a part of bitef poliphony, and final
gathering was organized 25th of november 2012. at 11 a.m.
in cultural centre "city" in belgrade. >>

march 2012
new hop.la! project
short history of remembrance

in 14,15th and 16th of march 2012 at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. in magacin u kraljevic marko street hop.la! performed „short history of remembrance part one“ by andjelka nikolic, which explores phenomenon of remembrance on personal and social level. >>

december 2011
award for the project
generation z

the “star of belgrade” award is presented by the agency for european integration and cooperation for best projects of 2011, realized in the non-government sector. fifteen awarded projects were proposed and evaluated by city committees and agency. art
group “hop.la” received the award for the research project “z generation” by irena ristic. awarding ceremony has happened in belgrade city hall, in 22nd of december 2011.

june 2011
results of a hop.la! research
generation z

hop.la! invites the public to discuss results of the research project "generation z: what do young people like, wish and looking for in 2011 in belgrade?". main research goals were to examine preferences of different artistic disciplines in local high schools, as well as preferences of other programmes that are not represented in curriculum.
presentation of results and public talk will occur
on thursday, 30th june 2011. in 1 p.m.
in cultural centre "steamer".

february 2011
review of hop.la! researches
eip XVII

in the section of psychology of art (XVII scientific conference: empirical researches in psychology), hop.la! will present two new researches about the creative process of visual artists. first experiment examines the effect of stylistic and thematic control, while the other is focused on the factor of audience in the creative process of artists. section will be held on saturday, 12th of february 2011. starting at 9:30 a. m. at faculty of philosophy in belgrade. welcome!

january 2011
hop.la! & cc "city"

after two-years of researches within the project "process_k", hop.la! will organize the final match, than talk about what has been done: in tuesday, the 19th of january 2011,
at 6 p.m. in cc "city" (brace krsmanovic 4). be welcome!

december 2010
open workshop
good questions club

open annual workshop in second cycle of "good questions club" was organized in saturday, 4th of december 2010. at 7 p.m. students from seven local high schools presented their concepts and new art forms created during the programme.

july 2010

call for application

good questions club

a new clubbing cycle has arrived! hop.la! is inviting local youth to apply for
"good questions club" - programme of participative art for those who likes
to (be) ask(ed), and want to discover how questions can be posed
through various art forms. programme will begin in 15th of september,
and it will be organized every saturday till 5th of december 2010.

june 2010
in the palace

"appetite" by irena ristic has been selected for the international short film festival "in the palace", balchik, bulgaria. it will be presented in 24th of june at 7 p.m.
as a part of official festival selection.

april 2010
award for experimental film

"appetite" by irena ristic has awarded the golden medal for best experimental film at 57th documentary and short film festival in belgrade. we received the award in 3rd of april 2010. in terazije theatre within final festival evening.

march 2010
hop.la! premiera

"appetite" is a short experimental film conceived as a continuation cross media project
"room of the little fears". it will be premiered in 31st of march 2010, at 5 p.m.
within 57th documentary and short film festival in belgrade.
main roles: milos paunovic & magda popovic, music signs ah.ahilej.

march 2010
rex, belgrade
room of little fears

a new cross media project "room of little fears" by irena ristic will be repeated in 3rd of march in rex, belgrade. "room" has made as a result of specific experiment, in which the drama approach was combined with elements of sound installation and video duel.
be welcome to make reservation by e-mail hopla@hop-la.org.

february 2010
new research results at eip XVI
beginning and the end of creative process

second part of the research project "process k" was presented at the scientific conference: empirical researches in psychology XVI, which was held in 5-6th february, at the faculty of philosophy in belgrade. "process k" is dedicated to examining the creative process in various artistic disciplines, and focused on the effect of extrinsic factors of control
in work of performing artists...

december 2009
annual presentation

good questions club

annual presentation of participative art programme "good questions club" happened in december, the 5th 2009, in 6.30 p.m. in cultural centre "stari grad", belgrade. young people
from seven local high schools had opportunity to present new artistic concepts that will be realized in selected public spaces, and also to perform their works which were arised
from drama and creative writing workshops.

november 2009

hop.la! in slovenia
about violence

hop.la! production "about violence" after  titus andronicus, directed by andjelka nikolic,
was performed three times in slovenia from 28th of november to 3rd of december 2009,
on the stages of national theaters in celje, koper and nova gorica.

october 2009
new hop.la! premiere

room of little fears

hop.la! is happy to announce belgrade premiere of a new crossmedia project by irena ristic. "room of little fears" happened in 22nd and 23rd of october in rex, belgrade, as a result of experiment in which drama approach was combined with elements of sound
installation and video duel. on the occasion of the premiere, hop.la! organized
an open discussion on the principles of crossmedia intersection
in contemporary art practice.

august 2009

hop.la! & igft published
theater in times of war

the documentation of the symposium a third space - theater in times of war,
that took place in brunnen:passage, vienna, was published by hop.la! and the igft
in august 2009. at this conference gathering artists and theater experts from different parts of europe and the middle east held open discussions about the subject of `theatre in times
of war` and shared opinions and experiences, clarified matters from different perspectives and took aesthetic choices and approaches into consideration. the articles, reports,
and commentaries contained within this edition represent the reflections and
responses of artists, and theorists, to this meeting. >>

july 2009

call for participation

good questions club

within hop.act programme, hop.la! launched "good questions club" for local youth who likes to (be) ask(ed), and want to discover how questions can be posed through various art forms. programme will be organized in cultural centre "stari grad", every saturday from september the 15th till december the 5th 2009.

june 2009
first research results at "psi#15" u zagreb
process k

hop.la! launched a research project of creative process in different art disciplines.
„process k“  has focused on the role of context onto development of artistic ideas,
especially on the effects of extrinsic control factors. results of first experiment were presented at the conference "psi#15" (performance studies international)
which was held from 24th to 28th of june 2009.

february 2009

about violence
at 54th sterijino pozorje festival

last hop.la! production "about violence" has selected for 54th sterijino pozorje festival
the selectors v. kopicl and igor buric emphisized that "esseistically modified with the title,
but exemplarily dramatic, titus andronicus seems powerful, pure, clear, topical, not losing anything from its shakespearean internal potential/controversies and managing to overcome them, take them apart, balance them without reconciliation, and topically sharpen them by means of minimalist focusing on the significant. the young and uncompromising director with a big d in mind reduced it to a seeming theatrical poverty, tucked the cruelly stripped stage into a horror vacuum, into a web of actions and significations where the gestures of total-design, embryonic/expressive acting, musical voices calibrated to mimicry and everything from titus andronicus that has to be uttered are brilliantly bewitched into a unique silhouette of the very same mechanism of cruelty playing with us to this date, no matter how much it has technologically and otherwise developed throughout the centuries.  sharp, youthfully courageous and political, with an evidently dedicated collective effort of the entire ensemble to which this is the most impressive creative accomplishment in the current decade."

"about violence" will be performed in june 2nd 2009 in snp novi sad.

december 2008
final presentation of hop.la! programme
pride and prejudices

final presentation of participative art programme "pride and prejudices" happened in december the 27th 2008 in 12 a.m. in cultural centre stari grad, belgrade. young people
from local high schools presented new artistic projects about different forms of prejudices which were arised from thematic laboratory.

november 2008
belgrade premiere of new hop.la! production
about violence

hop.la! is happy to announce a belgrade premiere of new theatre performance "about violence" produced in cooperation with national theatre kikinda. the performance directed by andjelka nikolic and inspired of “titus andronicus” by william shakespeare, is planned for november the 1st 2008 in belgrade drama theatre.

october 2008
cooperation of hop.la! and national theatre kikinda
about violence

for the first time, hop.la! established cooperation with national theatre kikinda. opening night of new theatre co-production "about violence" in kikinda, happened in october the 4th 2008.

september 2008

hop.la! starts new youth programme
pride and prejudices

hop.la! initiates a new programme of participative art in collaboration with five high schools from belgrade. "pride and prejudices" targets the problem of prejudgement and radicalization of life manners of young people in belgrade, and consists of
thematic laboratory and new artistic initiatives within the schools.

september 2007

new hop.la! programme
me & you + something in between

me & you + something in between is experimental artistic programme which was realized from 24th to 28th of september within bitef poliphony 2007. it gathered nineteen participating artists from nine european countries and it was focused on artistic analysis of encounter in the context of actual social controversy... >>

y 07
new hop.la! production
about violence

hop.la! started with preparation for new theatre production after “titus andronicus”
by william shakespeare. performance is directed by andjelka nikolic and
premiere is planned for season 2008/09 >>

june 07
me and you+something in between
september 24-28, 2007, belgrade, serbia

hop.la! is pleased to announce call for applications to the new interactive program
which will take place in belgrade, serbia  from 24th to 28th september  2007. 
as part of  bitef polifonija 2007. for full instruction, click here.

may 2007

eon meeting in brescia. italy

second eon meeting (european off network) was organized from 9th to 13th may 2007. in
brescia, italy with participation of almost 130 members organizations. due to support of
ikos festival, hop.la! had opportunity to attend the meeting.

january 2007. 

new hop.la! production
i am my own wife

new hop.la! production i am my own wife is based on the play of doug wright, winner of the
pulitzer and tony award for 2004. premiere happened in january 18th 2007
in gallery progress, belgrade. performed by slobodan bestic,
directed by andjelka nikolic.

september 2006
opening night of saga in center for cultural decontamination belgrade

premier of performance saga directed by irena ristic happened in september the
1st 2006. in 8 p.m. with janos bus, milos timotijevic and ljiljana tasic in main roles.
cameo ah.ahilej

june 2006
stefan demming visited hop.la!

a working visit of visual artist stefan demming /berlin, germany/ is arranged within the
preparations for the realization of the performance i am my own wife. stefan stayed in
belgrade for seven days, during july 2006. the visit has supported by stepbeyond
programme of european cultural foundation and hop.la!

may 2006.
collaboration of hop.la! and festival refract

the guest-performance of obdukcija.rigor mortis in the national theater
"tosa jovanovic" in zrenjanin took place as a part of official programme of the festival
of alternative culture. refract 06. this was the seventh repetition of obdukcija, and
the first collaboration of hop.la! with refract festival.

february 2006.
hop.la! on the festival in alexandria

performance autopsy.rigor mortis participated in the official sellection of third
creative forum of independant theater groups in alexandria, egypt (www.iact-eg.org).

hop.la! >>