me & you +something in between
an experimental programme after the book of martin buber

bitef poliphony 2007 september 24-28th
belgrade serbia

me and you + something in between is interactive program that gathers independent
performing artists from all parts of europe. it is inspired by the book of martin buber (“me and you” heidelberg, 1923) and focused on artistic analysis of encounter in the context of actual controversy that provokes civilization discrepancies at the beginning of our century.  the phenomenon of dismissed encounter is explored through the intimate human experience clashed with concrete social framework and backdrops, and artistic analysis opens few
questions: how much do we know about each other? how many levels are there in each relational phenomenon, emerging from the live and obligated social context? finally, which are the postulates of authentic human encounter? can we preserve it pure and untouchable from the social and historical assumptions without losing his full potential and sense? proposed questions will be starting point and inspiration for prospective work based on the crossdisciplinary exchange of involved participants.

program last five days and consists of serial of workshops, round table and working
sessions followed by public presentation of participants’ projects which were conceived and
developed within the program. participants had opportunity to explore their
own prejudices, to act and react according to their attitudes and feelings, and to
generate the authentic artistic response to the evoked issue.

participants: adrian gillot & anne tobart (uk), andreia sophia luis de almeida (portugal), oystein ulsberg brager (norway), eva backman, gunilla bergerham & zoia paronen (sweden), bogdan florea (romania), malwen voirin & ariane labed (france), claudia heu, anita kaya and georg graf ole (austria), natasha & boris kadin (croatia), dimitrije stojanovic, ljiljana tasic, andjelka nikolic &  maja ladolez (serbia).

workshop moderators: theatre directors irena ristic (hop.la!) and jadranka andjelic (dah theatar), and psychodramatist ivana slavkovic (ngo “encounter”).

open rehearsels of new projects was on 28th of
september 2007 at 11 a.m. in culturel centre "stari grad".

programme director: irena ristic
coordinator: andjelka nikolic
partners: ngo "encounter", dah theatre and cedeum

programme was supported by: italian cultural institute in belgrade, french cultural centre, austrian cultural forum, embassy of romania in belgrade and cultural centre "stari grad"

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