rigor mortis


djordje brankovic, aleksandra puljic, nina lazarevic, zoran radovic,
jovan hadzibegic, predrag milanovic, nikola majdak, stevan maric, irena ristic

five points about rigor mortis:

  • rigor mortis is crossmedia performance of group of artists gathered around
    the project ah.ahilej.  

  • starting point is music - meeting the stage, actors, video, vocal, movement
    and drama approach.

  • there is no more story. it is caleidoscope. because the reality is torn into fragments, then crumbled in globules of newspaper droppings. we spin the caleidoscope: looking for fragments of reality that torment us the most, as well as torment itself.

caleidoscope consists of 14 numbers, total duration of 53 minutes. each number is separate whole: miniature which uses language of symbolic action and is based on suggestion, at the awakened asociative line. it derives inspiration from the trivial for reprezentation of our discrepancies, pressures, external "crimes" and inner "punishements".

  • there are only three persons on the stage; yet the roles are numerious. they have almost nothing in common except humanity, to the extent to which
    humanity remains a sign.


premiere: friday 13th of may 2005
museum of contemporary art belgrade
www. obdukcija.blogspot.com

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