at first match, than talk about what has been done

19th of january 2011.
cc "city" (brace krsmanovic 4)

„process_k“ is an artistic experiment based on empirical research which had been run with 26 artists from serbia. it is focused on effects of extrinsic control in creative process and subjective experience of exposed artists, as well as on exploration of structure, the origin and impact of (in)visible censure in contemporary artistic praxis.

a. match at 6, 6.30 and 7 p.m.

battle for attention and a bit of light. three performers are at plateau:
jelena ilic, djordje brankovic and rade cosic
the audience evaluates.

concept: milos paunovic and irena ristic

b. talk about what has been done, at 8 p.m.

starting point for talk is the result of match, as well as results of empirical research published in the book the beginning & the end of creative process by irena ristic.

participants: biljana djurdjevic, sonja loncar, bojan babic and irena ristic
moderator: vesna peric

support: culture city council of belgrade

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