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since its founding, hop.la! has realized more than twenty works of different scopes and forms. programme framework is a place for expression and/or intervention...
stage-screen-frame, or any other space for creative exchange
and production.


experimental film
premiera: 12th of november

the rehearsal
polymedia work
within actopolis project
by goethe institute
18-29th of may 2016.
@actopolis apartman, belgrade

thus spoke irena ristić
polymedia work
premiere: 17th of january2015.
at 8 p.m. @rex, belgrade

theatre within the context... and not just theatre
international symposium 16. bitef poliphony
23-25th of september 2015.
@ institute for cultural development research, beograd

shakespeare in the city
public art workshops
anđelka nikolić & anita stojadinović
shakespeare in caffe: september-november 2014. @beograd
shakespeare in park: july-august 2014. @velika plana

careful observation
a public inquire
irena ristić
avgust 2013 - januar 2014.
performed in 17th of january 2014.
in 8 p.m. @rex, belgrade

summer on the sava
theatre and dance workshops in public spaces
anđelka nikolić & bojana mišić
june-august @sava coast, belgrade

the site II
workshops in/about public spaces
anđelka nikolić, bojana mišić & đorđe branković
maj - october @obrenovac, beograd

just an ordinary cinema: unpaired
crossmedia work by irena ristic
11th and 12th of october at 8,8.30 and 9 p.m.
cultural centre rex, belgrade

the site
workshops in/about public spaces
boba mirjana stojadinovic and irena ristic
august - november 2012.
bitef poliphony, cc "city" etc.

short history of remembrance part one
polymedia work by andjelka nikolic
14, 15th and 16th of march at 6,7 and 8 p.m.
magacin in kraljevica marka street, belgrade

at first match, than talk about what has been done
performed: 19th of january 6-10 p.m.
cc "city", belgrade

generation z
examination of preferences of different artistic disciplines in local high schools

game of questions
research project of bitef poliphony 2011

short experimental film
written & directed by irena ristic
premiere: 31st of march at 8 p.m.
57th documentary and short film festival belgrade

good questions club
new artistic programme with/in/of questions
for high school students of belgrade
irena ristic and andjelka nikolic
bitef poliphony 2010
and cultural centre "stari grad"

beginning & the end of the creative process
research project of creative process in different art disciplines

room of the little fears
crossmedia work, by irena ristic
opening night: 22nd of october
cultural centre rex, belgrade

about violence
theatre project after “titus andronicus” by w. shakespeare
adapted and directed by andjelka nikolic
opening night: 4th of october
national theatre kikinda

pride and prejudices
programme of participative art focused onto prejudgment
problems and radicalization the life manners of the young people in serbia
irena ristic, bitef poliphony 2010
and cultural centre "stari grad"

i am my own wife
by the play of doeg wright
performing: slobodan bestic
directed by: andjelka nikolic
opening night: 18th of january
gallery progress, belgrade

me and you + something in between
experimental artistic programme inspired by the book of martin buber
irena ristic, in the framework of bitef poliphony
24-28th of september, cultural centre "stari grad"

by irena ristic
opening night: 1st of september
center for cultural decontamination belgrade

obdukcija: rigor mortis
ah. ahilej: djordje brankovic, nina lazarevic,
aleksandra puljic, stevan, maric, nikola majdak
pedja milanovic and irena ristic
opening night: friday 13th of may
museum of contemporary art belgrade

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