irena ristic

18-29th of may 2016.
@actopolis apartment
bulevar despota stefana 36, belgrade

the rehearsal is a polymedia work initiated by irena ristic within belgrade's edition of international actopolis project @formally informal. the workis conceived as a superstructure and modelling self-organized cultural scene at the local level. 

in the context of “great divides” in which belgrade’s cultural scene reproduces the existing social relations, what is evident is the vast fragmentation and focus on different, more or less, convincing attempts of individual entities to sustain themselves and consolidate regardless, and perhaps even precisely because, of weakening of others.
such induced relations resulted in a high degree of disunity; the situation has been radicalised and this point even maintains the system from which it formed. in perseverance of many independent organisations we have come to negate the self-organisation in its very domain. thus the question of what self-organized cultural scene is gets consequently replaced by its conditional form: what could it be? why should it exist, what would it aim for, on which principles would it function? can we even begin to imagine it? what would it look like if we tried? the multiple artists and cultural workers answered the line of questioning aimed at articulating a new construct. consequently, twenty principles of self-organization were mapped and explored, along with analysis of overlapping and differences.

the rehearsal was evolved through several stages: discursive experiment via serial of dialogues, the sound installation, web and the open dialogue with the resume of results.

in september 2016.  the rehearsal continues: in sociodrama about new city model of oberhausen (germany), outcomes from belgrade’s inquire will be compared with the ideas and needs of citizens in ruhr district. 

all dialogues, including the final one can be find here.

participants: mariela cvetic, igor koruga, tanja markovic, nebojša milikic, vlada novakovic, dragan protic, nikola radic lucati, vahida ramujkic, boba mirjana stojadinovic & noa treister.

curator of belgrade`s edition of actopolis project: boba mirjana stojadinovic

author: irena ristic
sound design: dragan novkovic
photo: marija piroški

production: goethe institute belgrade via hop.la!

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