the beginning & the end of creative process

research project of creative process
in different art disciplines

i. ristic (hop.la!)

 what particular role does spontaneity have in an artist’s creative process? do visual and performing artists have any difference in between in terms of spontaneity experience and its importance in different phases of creative process? how the spontaneity makes its effect? how different level of spontaneity during the creative process can effect onto development
of latent aesthetic dimensions and future artistic value?

 in order to find an answer, research project has been run in area of a psychology of art which contains of experimental series focused onto testing role of spontaneity in creative process. previous experiments confirmed less creativity as a result of different situation factors such as evaluation, surveillance, control, competition, choice reduction (amabile, 1979, goldfarb and brackfielf, 1990, runco, 1995, sternberg 2005). on the other side,
positive effect of series of factors has been confirmed, such as support, autonomy
cultivation, freedom in expression, diversity in possibilities and creative challenge
(amabile and griskijevic, 1990, andrews, 1975, ekvall, arvonen and valdenstrom-
lindblad, 1983, van gundy, 1987, nemiro 1997). until now, the spontaneity has been researched by negative definitions, according to restrictive situation, following its denying. escorting the new experiments we tried to provide empirical based insight on how semantic level development of a new artistic forms depends on spontaneity of a creative
situation which is being performed in experimental control conditions. 

the results are available in the book
"the beginning and the end of creative process
published by hop.la!  

public talk:
19th of january 2011. at 8 p.m.
cc "city" (brace krsmanovic 4)

support: culture city council of belgrade

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