room of little fears
irena ristic

22nd & 23rd of october 2009.
3rd of march 2010

rex - cultural centre b92, belgrade

"room of little fears" is a crossmedia work of the eldest human fear.
it examines an experience of emptiness and isolation, conditioned by the traces of early trauma. it looks for causes of discrepency within and among people in the context of statement culture in which self presentation becomes older than any dialogue,
encounter is suppressed and closeness is replaced by surrogates. remaining
outcomes are the bypass and lack of empathy, or the story of forced indifference.

"room of little fears" has made as a result of experiment in which drama approach was combined with elements of sound installation and video duel, while the perception is conditioned by the specific position of the audience, placed between two crossed projections in the space of emptiness and/or gap.  it is also space of personal projections, because there are no wrong answers in the room, every thought is right, and the form was created in a way that personal associations of viewers resonate in an open network of meaning. the work
was inspired by the surrealist films, books of michael oulbeck, empirical researches of rothenberg and hausmann (2003), as well as older
theories of bisociative principle in art.

the first one:
sanja radisic

magda popovic
milos paunovic
ana radonjic
bojan babic
mihaela drakulovic
marko marinkovic
dunja mihajlovic
zdenko kranj
lucija & grigorije drakulovic

dramaturg: milos paunovic
camera: ivan todorovski
editing: ana radojicic
music: ah.ahilej
sound: dragan novkovic
make up: saska pocuca & jelica simic
production: hop.la!

support: culture city comitee of belgrade, swiss cultural programme pro helvetia,
orange studio and institute for pathology university of belgrade

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