irena ristic

1st of september 2006.
center for cultural decontamination belgrade

saga is a theatre project which explores the family system in the protected
setting of 'petite borgois' social order, and origines of narcisme as the factor of disturbance
of first and the most important emotional relations that we establish. based mainly on gesture and non-verbal action, the performance explores sensitive, supressed,
never articulated levels of family disorders. from the point of view of a growing
up kid, we reveal the symptoms of systematical family patology, a world
where the children are raised according to a pattern within "small and
ordinary" family circle in which emotional knots stay tied for the lifetime,
blocking every kind of freedom or creativity.

performing: janos bus, ljiljana tasic, milos timotijevic,
aleksandra puljic, djordje brankovic

music: ah.ahilej
costume: adrijana simovic
video: dragan dimcic
directed by: irena ristic

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