original title: autopejzaž

experimental film
by irena ristic

self-scape is a postdramatic film experiment, conceived as a journey to axiological and political selfawareness. looking for the spots of particular statements about the position in the world, about friends, about ownership and possession, about marriage, about humor, about hope and revolution - the author tries to respond to few questions, that have never posed to her. the boundaries between what is hers and what is considered general have been shifted. the question remains whether it is her personal view authentically hers, or common, generic far more than she assume or she wish it to be.


as the friends
milena kvapil
sandra stojanović
miloš paunović
bojan babić
nemanja stanković

two men
nenad dodić
zdravko kevrešan

a student
ana kozić

a man who paddle
đorđe branković

a man who sit
aleksandar papajić

editor per ce
david damjanović

...and three cows.

irena ristić

miloš paunović

associate writer
anđelka nikolić

sound and light
aleksandar papajić

camera and editing
david damjanović

ah ahilej

sound design and color correction
david damjanović

executive production
aleksandar papajić

year of production

8 min. 20 sec.

production: hop.la! & full frame studio belgrade

demand for screening link or h264 file should be sent to hopla@hop-la.org
(available with english and french subtitles).

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