short history of remembrance part one

by andjelka nikolic

14, 15th and 16th of march 2012 at 6,7 and 8 p.m.
magacin in kraljevica marka street 4

„short history of remembrance part one“ is consisted of sequences that combine sound,
light, video, objects and activity of live performers, in order to put the visitor in the role of
the subject of an imaginary remembrance and to confront him/her with mysteries and
paradoxes of any search of lost time – time of an individual existence as well as time of the history. it explores the psychological criteria for the selection of what is to be remembered, and the contribution of various senses in the process of remembrance. sequences are exposed in space and time making a travesty of an exhibition in which the limit between visitor and exhibits is put in question, or even abolished. the form invites to reconsider what is left of the potential of the museum, cinema, theatre and other traditional forms of cultural exchange and venues for generational and trans-generational communication.

 the work is based on the play „that time“ by samuel beckett, translated by
milojko knezevic, vera martinovic and miodrag jovanovic.

exhibit voice: miodrag radovanovic mrgud
exhibit she: bojana misic
exhibit guardian: djordje brankovic

dramaturgy and video: irena ristic
space and objects: vesna strbac
costume: dejan dosljak
sound design: dobrivoje milijanovic
sound recording: dady stojanovic
graphic design: mihaela drakulovic

production: hop.la!

project is realized within platform druga scena
support: cultural committee of the city of belgrade
and ministry of culture of the republic of serbia

event is made for limited number of visitors. therefore please announce your visit, with precise date and time, to hopla@hop-la.org

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