the site

programme of participative art in/about public spaces
15th of september - 15 th of november 2012. in belgrade

"the site" is a programme of participative art addressing the treatment of urban public
spaces by young people. it is realised in belgrade by local inhabitants and institutions and the purpose of the workshops is to encourage the participants to offer their creative answers to their experience with public spaces gone to seed. during the programme the participants suggest and put through a series of artistic actions in different forms such as processions, performances, installations, spatial interventions, stencils, live sculptures or something quite new – all that in order to establish live communication with their fellow citizens and
breathe life into their neighbourhoods.

final meeting: 25th of november 2012. at 11 a.m.
in cultural centre "city" in belgrade

authors: boba mirjana stojadinovic & irena ristic
organization: marija stojic

support: youth city comitee of belgrade
ministry of culture republic of serbia


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